Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the date

Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay in updating my blog but time is just flying by lately!  My surgery has been scheduled for July 18.  I am still waiting to hear whether it's just upper or upper and lower. it's been over three weeks since my surgeon took new xrays and was going to make a decision on that, but they still haven't.  i've done a lot of waiting since this journey's hard not to get a little impatient at times.  at this point i've just accepted that it's happening on July 18 and whatever it is, it is.  i really am ready to have a face that fits together properly.

tomorrow is my last ortho appt before surgery and i'm hoping that they are not going to be moving anything else around.  i don't want anymore spacers or gaps! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Good news?

I had my appt today with my oral surgeon and he is thinking I just need upper jaw surgery. They took new X-rays and of course have to do all new tracings, but he was really leaning towards just upper. He will go over everything with the other surgeon and they will let me know. He said we could do surgery as soon as next week but we will probably plan for the second week of July. Also I will not have a splint, will stay one might in the hospital, and can start working out lightly after the second week. All in all, not too bad! Wish I had more of a concrete answer in terms of upper vs upper and lower, but I guess my case has been a little unique from the beginning. Dr said its a matter of about 2mm. Will keep u all posted.