Friday, January 4, 2013

Hi all! I'm sorry I turned into such a schmuck blogger as of late. It really has been too long since I've updated. So to begin, I am still having sinus issues. I have pretty much been on an antibiotic since July for sinus related issues. This has left me pretty frustrated to say the least. I had plenty of sinus problems before surgery, so this was somewhat expected, but when I woke up from surgery and was so clear it really blew my mind. As of October I was back to my nasally, stuffy self.
At my last surgeon appt in December ( I've seen him almost every 3 weeks since surgery because of all of this) they finally said I should see an ENT to try and resolve some of this. But they told me to wait 5 months to continue to let the sinus membranes heal. Well I had already had an ENT appt scheduled for the next week and just went ahead with the appt. I know! I feel bad for going around what they said but really I'm glad I did. They put a scope in my nose and looked back in my sinus and saw that I have an active infection and they also said I have a deviated septum. He put me on an antibiotic for 28 days, gave me a nose spray and I was put on a steroid for 7 days. I am already two weeks in and I don't feel any better. Granted my whole family had the flu and we are still recovering, but I am as nasally as ever. So very frustrated! The ENT doc wants to take a CT scan on my sinuses at the end of the 28 days and then we can discuss my options from there. I have a feeling more surgery is involved. I just want it fixed, that's where I'm at.
Other than that, my chewing has greatly improved. My back molars are finally almost closed. My next ortho appt is January 31 and we may be discussing getting my braces off at that point. Im ready that's for sure! I still have a small gap between my front teeth which has been bugging me but we will address it then.
The top of my mouth still numb and left side of my lips still numb. I barely notice it but still hold out hope that its coming back to life! Honestly I am still getting used to my new face. It still doesn't feel like its my face, but I can chew and that feels amazing.
Hang in there everyone! This is the journey that never ends! Hope you all had a great holiday season! I will update soon

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  1. Hope you get some good news Erin....
    I have been wondering how you were going. Get better soon :)
    Yay for almost out of braces.