Thursday, May 31, 2012

the gap is on

Not too much surgery news to report this week.  I have an appointment with my surgeon next Friday for another x-ray (i have had more x-rays in the last year than i care to comment on!)  and I hope to get info about when surgery will be.  My front teeth have been moving and a I do have an official gap, so i'm thinking that may get the ball rolling!  They can't expect me to have a huge gap for months, right?

No one told me how big of a gap to expect, only that if it got too big i should call my ortho and they can shorten the coil. Hmmm that's pretty vague. 

My anxieties have been less this week, but it always goes up and down. I guess I am most concerned with not being able to communicate with my daughter and how this will shake up her world for a bit.  I know it will all go by so quickly and i have a great support system around me, but still, I worry. 


  1. Hi Erin,
    Hope you get some good news at your appointment next week :)
    Try not to worry too much - probably easier said than done if you are anything like me....

  2. Hey Ellie thank u for the encouragement, I certainly need it! My appt
    Got changed to tmrw so hopefully I will have something new to report. How's everything going for u?
    Cheers as well, erin