Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I got coiled.

And I'm not very happy about it! Remember me complaining about not getting a date for surgery, well, I take it back. The coiling procedure that will force my front teeth to separate has scared the crap out of me and I wonder how mentally ready I really am for all of this.
I went to the ortho for my appt today and was very surprised to have gotten the coil placed between my front teeth...a little warning would have been nice! Just when I thought I wouldn't get any worse looking I am given the gift of the gap.
The doc also told me that he feels I am ready for surgery. This conflicts with what the other ortho at the practice has told me, and if you've been following this blog we seem to be going back and forth quite regularly. Anyways I called my oral surgeon and told them about the lovely coil and they also seemed surprised that I had it. They want to see me in 2 weeks for an X-ray.
Tonight i am feeling very apprehensive about what I've gotten myself into. Posting a pic of the coil and a shot of me pre-gap.
Happy Tuesday!

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