Wednesday, May 16, 2012

teeth on the move

They are much straighter since I got my fancy SureSmile wire, but my bite was gotten sooooo much worse. How is that even possible?  My ortho warned me it would happen but I can't say I thought anything of it.  When you have lived with a bite like mine for as long as I have, it feels like it's as bad as it's going to get.  However, that theory is wrong!  I cringe everytime I look at my bite in the's now open, lopsided, crooked and a total mess really!  It seems almost unimaginable that it will ever come together the way it should. 

I go back next to the ortho next Tuesday so we'll see if i can squeeze out any info about surgery.  Fingers crossed!

I will have my pre-braces photos from the ortho uploaded hopefully sometime this week.  Have a good week all!

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