Sunday, September 9, 2012

6.5 weeks post op

Well hey there. I never thought this would turn into a once a week posting thing, but it seems it has. Last week I went to the orthodontist and got a retainer for my palate. I thought I would hate this but it's really not bad. I thought my upper jaw might fall off when they took the impressions for it, but it stayed with me. I consider this a good thing. talk about uncomfortable having someone pulling so hard to get that tray out, sheesh.
But anyways, i keep it in all of the time. Apparently if my palate relapses they will have a hard time closing my bite. With minor palate expansions they don't worry too much about a relapse. Mine was major, hence the retainer. My orthodontist did also mention that closing the bite would take some time. Translation: don't expect to get your braces off anytime soon!
They didn't change my current rubber band configuration or start moving any teeth, which kind of bummed me out a little bit. Let's get this rolling......Oh right, I am still healing. I sometimes forget the length of the recovery process that I personally signed myself up for. :)
Aside from that, everything is going well. Top of my mouth is totally numb, along with the gutter areas. Most if the feeling has returned to my lips. I would say its about 25% numb still. The area of the surgery is still quite heavy feeling. I don't know how else to describe it. I'm getting used to it though.
Hoping my nose straightens itself out soon, too. It's crooked now and the tip sort of veers to the left. My nostrils are definitely not even. I've noticed before in photos but I really studied it tonight and I will mention it to my surgeon when I see them at the end of the month.
Have a good week everyone


  1. ERIN - you are looking FANTASTIC! I hear your frustration, but don't forget that you are closer to the end of all this - hang in there :)

  2. You look great! This post gives me hope. I'm going under the knife in 8 days, and I am very not excited about it and very worried about the results. I'm glad yours has gone so well.

  3. Hey Chloe I was trying to follow your blog and there is some type of permission required? Just wanted to let you know about it... :) erin