Thursday, September 20, 2012

8 Weeks Post Op

Hi Everyone!

I know I have been a bit crabby and fussy over how things have been settling in, regarding my new face. I've finally accepted the changes and I'm happy with the outcome.  I can look in the mirror now and not instantly turn my head away because of how my face looks.  Some of you may understand that feeling and some may not.  But I swear to you, I used to do this.  Nothing fit together right.  It felt wrong. It looked wrong.

Having said all that, this still was the most difficult thing that I have ever gone through.....let's not take that away from surgery!  I still struggle with puffiness, a little ache every now and then, difficulty chewing/eating, and the top of my mouth and gums are still 100% numb. I never said it's been fun.  But I've moved into the acceptance phase and it feels pretty good. Really good actually.

I started exercising again pretty regularly.  Prior to surgery I would jog, work out with weights, do yoga, etc.  My first jog did not go so well.  I didn't get very far and I had to stop.  I wasn't expecting much, but jeez it was really not far at all that i could run. had to have a good laugh about it. I finished my run, stopping and starting up again quite a bit. And unfortunately, yoga is also not going bearing any better.  If I bend over to stretch, I still feel really intense pressure in my face.  This is a good sign to stop!  And so I do.  I guess my body will let me know when we are ready to go again.  I am really good at being patient anyways.

I did call my doc today about my left sinus. The little bugger is giving me problems and I want his take on it. Hurts to touch next to my nose and to sniffle sometimes and still the green mucous. Sorry it's disgusting, I know. Just another perk. Hope to hear from him tmrw. I go see them next week and then the orthodontist the following week.

I wanted to post my old bite again because my god does it make me feel like I did the right thing, I mean look at that!

On a side note, does anyone think it's fair my husband is complaining about having a root canal?! after this surgery, what a complete and total piece of cake!


  1. Erin I've been exactly the same! I've been annoyed about the slightest details about how my face is looking too, but I think it's just hard to get used to, and when theres the whole thing of swelling thrown into the mix it just makes you worry! But then when I compare how I look now with how I looked before it's easy to see it was 100% worth it:) although I completely agree this surgery is NOT to be taken lightly it was most definately the hardest thing I've ever done and a lottt worse that I expected. But we are out the other side phew! we never have to have that experience again:) and yesss any other dental work will seem like nothing in comparison! So, have you been given the license to chew then? they told me I could begin chewing again around 8 weeks but I haven't seen my surgeon recently (my next appointment is next week) and so I'm still eating mush... hopefully when I see my surgeon he'll say I can try chewing again! I can't imagine chewing though, when ever I tentitavely, gently chomp on something it feels really wrong and uncomfortable but I'm sure It's just about adjusting to it:) are you still swollen or do you think it's mainly gone down now? you look fantastic:)xxx

  2. You are looking great Erin! Any updates in the exercise area? I've been doing a lot of walking, but am worried to actually exert myself with my jaws still wired.