Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My jaw surgery must-haves

I've been meaning to do this for weeks. Here are some of my favorite things that helped me recover.

1. The Jaw bra. http://www.craniorehab.com/Headwrap--Basic-Head-wrap-for-Gel-Packs_p_36.html
It really is comfortable to wear and the cold packs are reusable. Fellow future jaw surgery recoveree's, get one.

2. This water bottle. http://www.craniorehab.com/NutriSqueeze-Bottle--8oz-_p_64.html
It made fluids happen. Your lips are going to feel more inflated than Lindsay lohan's and this helps. Sometimes you are not going to feel like trying to eat, at least this allows you to drink. Bring it to the hospital.  The long syringe is another good option to try in the beginning: http://www.craniorehab.com/Basic-Feeding-Syringes--60ml-3-Pack_p_62.html

3. A neck pillow. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=13506582
Any brand, probably the firmer the better. Bring it to the hospital. It also helped in the car on the way home.

4. A prop-up pillow. http://www.target.com/p/bed-rest-pillow-tan/-/A-10486401#?lnk=sc_qi_detailbutton
Get ready to lounge. I thought I wouldn't use it but I did. I promise you that any little thing you can do to increase your comfort is the right thing.

5. A baby toothbrush and listerine. Get in there and brush, even if it seems impossible. Listerine or any mouthwash will make you feel like a million bucks.

6. A baby spoon. Remember, I just had upper jaw, so the baby spoon worked best for me....aside from just slurping it down, which is perfectly fine too.

7. Protein shakes or protein powder. Unless you are way on top of your game and can pre-freeze soups before the surgery, this is a great way to get some nourishment. Highly recommend having some on hand. I used Ensure and the powder from GNC.

8. I stocked up on cream of "whatever" soups and slurped them down when I could.

9. Blender. I got a Ninja and also had an immersion blender. Both worked great.

10. Jamba juice. If you can pick up some of these packages in the frozen section of the grocery store, you won't be sorry. Of course you can make your own smoothies, too, but until you get the hang of everything I thought these were great to have on hand.

11. Children's ibuprofen. Stock up on it.

12. Nasal spray. Most likely they will send it home with you, but pick up the salt water one from the drugstore to have on hand.

13. Chapstick. I think any brand works fine.

14. Ice packs from the hospital. Ask for some for the road before you leave. The only good thing about my hospital stay were the ice packs.

I think this is about it.  I will add to this if I remember anything else. 

The biggest remedy for surgery over all of these material things was just having friends and family there to be supportive.  The support of my fellow bloggers was and continues to be awesome.

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  1. A perfect list! Chapstick was my lifesafer.