Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday night blues

Generally I really like Sunday nights. I think about my week ahead and what I need to do...appointments, work, cleaning, you name it. Today was a weird Sunday. I don't know what to expect this week. I think I have everything I need for my recovery, but I feel overall that I am totally unprepared for what lies ahead on Wednesday. I am trying hard to not get too emotional but honestly I have been so all over the place. Feel bad for my family for having to put up with me! Also I am eating like its going out of style. Nothing unhealthy really, but I guess I'm trying to compensate for what's coming. Wednesday I face my biggest insecurity that I tried to cover up and live with for so long. I really can't stand the way my face doesn't fit together but I am also scared of what the new face will look like. Here's hoping that I have hit my emotional peak :) erin


  1. I went through the same thing right before surgery! This process is a huge storm to weather, but it will all be worth it in the end. Keep calm and I am wishing you the best! :)

  2. Hi Erin,
    I can't know what you are feeling, but it might help to imagine the army of blog supporters you have - who are out there and holding your hand, and going in with you. We are all quietly cheering for you, and wishing you the best, and we'll be thinking of you on Wednesday and every other day until you come out the other side. Try to stay positive. Good luck, I hope everything goes to plan.

  3. Good luck Erin! Sending lots of good vibes your way!!

  4. Thank u all so much, I can't tell u how much your kind comments/support mean! Erin