Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 6

Today I had my appt with my surgeons. They were very happy how everything looked. I have another appt next Monday and I may have the splint removed! Nothing guaranteed, of course, but I am optimistic. I also had X-rays taken and it's crazy to see the changes from a week ago.
I was on a kick to eat more today and I did ok, just ok. Had a protein shake from jamba juice, ninja'd some chicken noodle soup and later some mushroom soup, and then had made a protein shake from GNC. It's the most so far and I was happy with that. I just worry about getting pieces of food stuck in the splint. My surgeon told me to not brush my upper teeth for a while to let the tissue heal. Ick! That's all I can say. Rinsing with mouthwash helps but not that much. One more fun stage of recovery! Still can't believe it's almost been a week.
Can't wait to see my baby girl tomorrow and life will slowly start to return to normal. Thanks to my awesome friend jana for stopping over with food and cheering me up....even tho I'm a mumbling, drooling mess. It's been a huge comfort.


  1. Erin you are looking great! As for your recovery - whatever works is always a good thing. I read a blog by Johnny Say Cheese ( should be in my list) and he seemed very good at upping his calories - could be good to check out. This is all just a process of baby steps, but look how far you've come!
    Cheers, Ellie

  2. Wow Erin you are looking brilliant! You don't seem that bruised or even that swollen. Good news about the splint removal, I hope it goes ahead for you.

    keep positive and I'm sure you're little girl will help you on your way to recovery! x