Thursday, July 19, 2012

surgery update

After a totally crazy week, we are scheduled again for next Wednesday.  It's probably just as well that the surgery was moved because i came down with a little cold on Monday and Wednesday I was feeling pretty bad and ended up sleeping  most of the day.  Feeling better today but I can't ever seem to escape from a sinus infection after a cold and I feel it starting, so we'll see.

I did go to the orthodontist on Tuesday to get my surgical hooks put on.  The experience overall was not that unpleasant, but since the doctor thought the surgery was the next day, he cut off the wire between my front teeth and took off the coil which was giving me that awesome gap.   Well the gap is no more and i'm not sure that's a good thing for surgery.   I have been waiting to here from the orthodontist's office regarding this.  My front teeth don't know what to do without that wire holding them together and they are super sore. 

And if you thought food got stuck in your braces just in general, wait til you get you surgical hooks! They are a total pain.  I need a full brush after i eat anything because it gets snagged in the wires so bad.  My mouth feels a lot heavier since they've been on.  They are rather pokey, but nothing I can't deal with for a while.