Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 10, 11

Yes I have been a slacker at blogging. Apologies. Friday started with a trip to my orthodontist and he was very happy with my results thus far. He put in a new wire up top since it was cut prior to surgery. It was a little uncomfortable, mostly because my lips are so swollen and numb. I was happy he did this because it increases my chances of getting the splint out tomorrow when I see my surgeon. I am trying not to get my hopes up too much about this, but just the thought of its removal delights me to no end.
After the appt I popped into work for a while. It felt good to be back in the real world for the short time I was. By the time we got home Friday I was totally wiped out though. Part of it is because I'm recovering I'm sure, but part of it is because I'm still not sleeping well at all. Tomorrow I can't wait to find out how much longer I need to sleep sitting up.
The swelling seems to be a little better but the right side of my face is worse today. The nerves have been tingling since day 1 so I know that's a good sign.
This surgery is so tough because the results take so long to see. I was a little bummed this weekend, mostly because no one understands what I'm saying and it gets frustrating. But also because I want to see results. I'm trying hard to stay positive and remind myself that this was the right thing to do.
I am going to try and go to work on Tuesday for a while. I'm not a sit around the house type of person and I've done a lot of it. We'll see how it goes.
Will update tmrw after my appt.

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