Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 18

Hey everyone, what a busy week! I worked three days this week to try and test the waters and it went ok, but my energy is nowhere near where I want it to be.
I don't have much news in terms of my recovery. Was hoping for some more feeling and movement on the right side of my face but it's still pretty frozen. Each day things get maybe 2 percent better. This makes for a very long recovery process. As the soft tissue comes back to life I can now certainly feel just how tender it is. Sometimes I laugh too hard or smile too big and it's really uncomfortable.
This week I also decided to try and venture out on my own. Usually I like to have someone with me as an interpreter of sorts. My mumbling and frozen face seems to frighten and even confuse people! But oh well I went to Starbucks for a smoothie and said to heck with it, I'll just stand there and repeat myself until they understand me! So from now on this is my take on it, just freakin roll with it.
Today I ate too many bad calories and not enough nutritious ones. Not that I'm keeping track, but my stomach feels surprisingly full after my moms super rich cream of brocoli soup and then hot fudge sundae. Soup and ice cream have become somewhat of a theme the last few weeks!
Also I wanted to mention that my bite has not shifted and my midlines have stayed dead on. I'm pretty happy that the splint and rubber bands are doing their job. The teeth that hold the rubber bands are pretty sore, thus the round the clock ibuprofen still.
Waiting very patiently for two weeks from Monday when the splint comes out. Being hungry all the time really can make a person crabby! It's not been an easy journey, and a lot of the time I feel it's getting the best of me. Then I remember that there are worse things that could be happening and I try to do something to take mind off of it. I've been doing lots of reading lately!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hey Erin,

    Your trip to Starbucks made me laugh, but what a perfect attitude to have!

    I think a soup and ice cream diet sounds like the perfect recovery program to me :-) especially a hot fudge sundae.

    Keep up the positivity, you're looking great and doing fantastically to be back at work so soon after surgery. x

  2. Hi Natasha!

    thanks for the encouragement, i certainly need it!

    i enjoy reading your blog, too! erin