Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 29 - 4 weeks post op

The last two weeks I have fully rejoined the real world again. Not saying I was ready, but I joined nonetheless! By the time I get home from work and get all of my mom duties done, I am too exhausted to speak. Its ok though, my job requires me to speak and so I get to mumble plenty throughout the day.
I went for a short bike ride last night and it felt pretty good. It occurred to me that falling off the bike might impose some problems on my healing face, but it felt too good to exercise! This is the longest time frame of not working out i have ever had. I definitely need to start moving my tush. I am gonna start some yoga this weekend to wake up my muscles.
I am still hungry all the time! I think about food and all of the delicious things I can make when I'm able to chew. My teeth feel like they want to rip into something! I've read this before on other blogs and i remember thinking that it sounded a little crazy, but it's true! Anyways, I have lost about 14 pounds now. I'm 5'9 so it doesn't feel like a ton of weight and I'm sure it will come back on pretty easily. But I guess I've realized that I don't require as much food as I thought.
The swelling seems to have a mind of its own lately. One day it's on the right, the next day the left. Today I'm particularly puffy. Still waiting patiently for more feeling and movement on the right side.
And where has the other half of my upper lip gone? Left side normal, right side simply hanging there! What remains is misshapen and beyond pencil thin. I would like my old, even lips back, please! As soon as possible would be great, thank you! They are still numb, so I guess there's hope yet.
I don't think I've mentioned how sore my sinuses have been. With upper jaw surgery I think that having them cleaned out is pretty common. My surgeon said I had chronic, cystic sinus problems, hence the soreness. I've never breathed so clearly thru my nose, however the sides of my nose are super tender.
In other news, anyone interested in seeing what a hospital in suburban Chicago charges for a 1 night stay with complete total and crappy care, please see the attached photo. I hope it does not give you chest pains or cause shortness of breath, as it took my breath away. But there you have it. This does not include surgeon fees or anesthesiologist fees. it does include the one and only Ensure I was allowed while staying there.
Splint comes out Monday! I can't wait!


  1. Your bill is obscene... It costs nowhere near as much in Australia - ouch!
    I think you look great - hope your lips even out (not that I could really tell).

  2. How are your lips now? They seem fine in your pics but I'm having major issues out of all things with my lips. One side of my lip is literally non existent while the other side is fine n kinda full. My surgeon said maybe it just looks like that cuz the fuller side is just swelling. It's the no lip that's bothering me because I have a really full bottom lip with disappearing upper crooked lip. Did your lips go back to normal?

  3. My lips are doing much better now! I'd say about 10% numb so that is a huge improvement in 10 weeks since surgery. They are by no means even though. The right side is still not as awake as the left. I wish they would even out! I have definitely seen improvement in them regaining some shape. And if not? Well we can always get them fixed right?! Glad you seem to be doing better. It's a rough ride eh?