Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 14 - two weeks post op

Two week mark, yay!
I met with my surgeon yesterday and he told me that i am stuck with the splint for another three weeks. Yes I was really bummed, but in the back of my head I knew that was the most probable outcome. They are worried about a relapse of my palate expansion. I will do anything they tell me to not have to go through any of this again, so ok doc whatever you say! Trust me though, I am counting down the days till they take this out..
Since I'm gaining more feeling inside my mouth, the wires that are holding the splint in place are very pokey. I am definitely getting some good cuts in there. We tried to push them down yesterday but the keep coming right back up. Just another perk:)
He said everything else looked great and that was about it. I can resume exercising and sleep on my side.

I went in to work today and I am now really tired. Still feeling really tired a lot of the time.

The right side of my face is still way more numb than the left. I look like the joker when I smile because the right side doesn't even really move. Trying not to focus on these little things too much, it's just weird to see that in the mirror.

Eating is still really challenging and some days are just liquid diet days because I get tired of trying to fish things out of the splint. The last couple of days I just have not felt as hungry.. .

That's all for now, take care everyone!


  1. Erin!! You look great:) I know what you mean about still feeling really tired, I went on a walk the other day and we had to stop twice to lie down on the grass because I was getting so exhausted! I think this surgery just really knocks you for six, we will get our energy back soon!
    Eating is so much effort ay, what are you using to eat? are you still using syringes? xoxox

  2. Hey Rosa! I'm so glad you're feeling better too! Eating truly is so much effort and that's why I'm not doing it as much as I should be. I don't do the syringe anymore I just use a baby spoon or just slurp it down in a mug. Yes, lack of energy is crazy, right? Are you sleeping through the night yet? My nights seem to vary.
    Your pictures look great too! Are you happy you did this yet?